WALK-a-logue in the Dernol Valley (the beginning…)

I am currently collaborating on a new website project THE DERNOL VALLEY: this will be focusing on the interesting palaeontology, geology, flora & fauna here. It will feature artworks, photography and information about the valley e.g. the Dernol river just opposite to where I live has SSSI status and over 170 species of moths have been recorded visiting my garden.  

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“My job at Laura Ashley” an illustrated talk for the Kinnerton WI group

I received a warm welcome by the WI on Wednesday afternoon this week. It was a pleasure to walk down memory lane and share my experience with the group about when I worked for Laura Ashley 1984 – 1989 I am available to deliver future talks for groups on the following themes: “My love affair between textiles and fine art”  An illustrated talk through drawings & paintings I worked in the Laura Ashley textile design studio in Carno in the…

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