Illustrated talks

rivers, rocks, rock-pools, minerals, moths, sky and land are just a few themes included in the following talks:

“Rocks & Minerals in Art”
A walk through time via the fine lines of textiles, fashion and fine art. Linking art and geology.

Rocks and Minerals

“My love affair between textiles and fine art”  An illustrated talk through drawings & paintings
I worked in the Laura Ashley textile design studio in Carno in the 1980’s where I became the senior colourist on the dress wear prints and since the 1990’s I have been a free-lance artist & designer working on various projects: commissions, public art and exhibited my artwork in various places including art centres and have sold a painting through Christie’s in London.

Textiles and Fine Art
Textiles and Fine Art

“Fossils in Art”  An illustrated talk through drawings & paintings
The beauty and story behind fossils has always fascinated me and I have used them in my artwork for many years. Discovering the Radnorshire Museums fossil collection led me to produce  more artworks inspired by their collection and show them in an exhibition at the museum gallery in 2014. I also joined their fossil club and the two palaeontologists who lead the club have also ignited my interest in geology.

Sea Lilies
Sea Lilies

FEEDBACK from the Mid-Wales GEOLOGY CLUB News post 26th April 2016
“Many people are under the impression that science and art are separate phenomena, but the illustrated talk by Sue Purcell showed this not to be the case. Geological land-forms, rocks and fossils have inspired artists for generations from Leonardo da Vinci ( and probably before) to the present day.

Throughout the talk Sue took us on a journey from her early days in art to the present and explained how she uses pencil, acrylic and soft pastels to achieve the desired outcome. The art was as varied as the geology. From the micro fossil thecae of a graptolite to the frieze of a slate floor”

“Young Carers – Pathways to Curation – Art Installation – Public Art “

An illustrated talk through photographs, drawings & paintings ~ my experiences in the world of workshops, tuition and public art have been very rich: providing tuition to individuals and small groups, tailored to their specific requirements has been a rewarding part of my career. I have worked with many organisations, including colleges, arts centres and charities, to deliver workshops to both their members and the public. These workshops have given me the opportunity to provide ideas, tuition and support to people with a wide range of abilities, and they have been a very satisfying part of my artistic life. I have selected some examples of projects that I have found particularly memorable:

Oak Leaf Gate
I was manager for a ‘Youth in Action’ project in 2008.

Public Art Llanidloes

Leaping Salmon

Leaping Salmon
Public Art

The mosaic design was originally selected in an open art competition for public art works organised by Llani Ltd. in 2007. Further development of the design was done in collaboration with artist Jenny Fell, and the final construction was made with the help of Robert Underhill and artist Annie Horner. The glass eye was commissioned from Jenny’s sister, who was at the time a student at Falmouth Art College. PEBBLE, SLATE, GRANITE SETTS & GLASS : 10ft. x 5ft.

Pathways to Curation

This took place in 2012 at Coleg Powys, Newtown, Powys. I was one of three artists selected by Arts Connection to work with Art and Design students over a six week period, to help them create artworks for an exhibition in the Theatr Hafren Gallery. The theme was linked to the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, and here we are on the opening night of the play in the gallery, with some of the students’ finished artworks. Arts Connection is an inspirational community arts organisation working in North Powys, Wrexham and the border communities. They are revenue-funded by the Arts Council of Wales, and have provided high-quality participatory arts projects in a wide range of artistic media since 1994.

Decorative 3D Wirework

LAMPSHADE -installation

This took place in 2006 at the Beaufort Building, Llandrindod Wells, Powys. I have worked with Celf o Gwmpas on various projects, and this was one of my favourites. The decorative wire structures were based on old lampshades, and were displayed in the window of the Celf o Gwmpas premises. One passer-by said “I enjoyed seeing the display everyday on my way to work”. Celf o gwmpas believes in the value and importance of a creative life. Since 1998, some of the most disadvantaged members of our community have engaged with their activities.

Young Carers Festival

Graffiti frieze

This took place in 2005 at The Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells, Powys. This was a weekend of activities for young carers, to enable them to have a break from their responsibilities and to meet other young carers. I was delivering some painting decor workshops for Saturday night party in the main hall. For more information about support for young carers, please visit Young Carers